the first time I listened 2 the 1975 I was like idk what this guy is sayin but I like it


Nothin like a messy bun day with ur friends


Nothin like a messy bun day with ur friends


when you accidentally befriend someone annoying and you can’t get out of the friendship


i feel like this is all my friends and i’m the chicken

Every show that’s set in an office has the same type of characters. It’s starting to get annoying. 


Coming from somebody who is mostly very secure in herself and knows what’s best for me, I can tell you that sometimes it feels easiest to give into being taken advantage of by well-known and well-liked humans, especially when they find their way into your deep, dark insecurities that you try very hard to push away.

Sometimes it feels easy to almost ACCEPT manipulation because it gives you validation; makes you feel like somebody cares for you; makes you feel special. Even though you feel like you are an independent human and you don’t NEED validation from someone else, it still feels “good” when someone manipulates you into thinking they care about you.

I’ve let this kind of abuse happen to me when I was single. It felt “nice” to have attention after being left. 

This is why manipulation is so scary. Even if you know that what’s going on isn’t right or acceptable, sometimes we let it happen just so we can feel like somebody cares. And the fact of the matter is, they don’t! And they are disgusting and taking advantage your vulnerability. 

I think it’s important to talk about our experiences that we have with these kind of issues. If we talk about it and talk about why it’s wrong and why we cannot associate with these kind of people, I think it’ll help decrease the chance of letting the attention we get from these abusers go to our heads. 

It is important to help each other keep our self esteems high and we need to practice saying “no” even though it’s hard. still find it hard to say no. I still find myself using tactics to dance around the desire to say “no” without saying “no.” If I doll myself up, I wear a ring on my wedding finger so I don’t have to say “no” and hopefully the symbolism of another man in my life would be enough to say no for me. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t. 

But I hope we can encourage ourselves to become braver. Don’t ever not talk about the bad things that have happened to you. That might be the encouragement to get other people to speak up and stand against this bullshit that keeps on going on and on and on and on.

I love this post. Please read it. 


I’ve said it before and it sucks to have to say this but I’ll say it again:

You can choose to continue to interact and be friends with sexual abusers, pedophiles, rapists, and anyone else who I’m lumping into the convenient umbrella title of Scum of the Earth.  You really can choose that.  But if you choose to do that, do me a favor and let me know so I can make a note to never associate with you again.


Alright, I’m going to be very blunt right here right now, I am pissed. No pissed is not a strong enough word for it, I am outraged, I am infuriated, I am livid. And the entire reason why is because Sophie made a post (an incredibly reckless post) where basically she accepts Neil Johnson’s bullshit apology on behalf of, not only herself, but Jenny and me.

Listen here. Jenny and I do not accept Neil’s apology, so much so that when Neil contacted me trying to apologize I would not let him. ‘Eden you’re such a bitch why won’t you just hear him out, man’ Why do I NEED to hear out a man who has sexually manipulated me since I was 13-15? Neil titles his apology “I am going to stop being flirty with people on the internet”. Good! I’m glad you’re taking that initiative for yourself. But let me just say that the moment you stop saying things like “you’re so smart for your age” and “you’re so pretty lalalalalala” and start implying the sexual things you want to do to MINORS it stops being flirting and it starts going into “I am being unfaithful to my girlfriend and also LITERALLY BREAKING THE LAW”.

I can’t believe that this is something I forgot to write in my initial post, but maybe a day after Rachel left a long trip seeing Neil, Neil starts  “flirting” with me on snapchat and by flirting I mean him asking me to take my bra off and send him pictures after he sends a silhouette of himself completely naked. Yeah. Tell me that is flirting. Tell me that is completely appropriate behavior for an adult to perform when speaking to a minor.

Sophie may have realized that her post was blown out of proportion, but for Jenny and I, and it was actually very illegal. Sophie was an adult when the actions described in her post took place. I am still not an adult. I cannot legally consent in the state I currently live in for another two years. I could not even legally consent in the state Neil was living in. Hell, just for shits and giggles let’s look up if I could legally consent in Canada where Neil’s current girlfriend lives. What? Are you telling me that a 13 year old has not been able to give consent to sexual advances since 1890? Wow I guess that would leave me to believe that I have a right to still be angry and I have a right to not accept Neil’s apology that he posted on the internet and that he forced onto me even after I said “I don’t care”.

I cannot comment on Neil and Rachel’s relationship and their arrangement that allows Neil to flirt with others as he pleases because that is none of my business. What is my business is that when he sent a private apology to me he did not say “I’m sorry for flirting with you, it was inappropriate and I understand your disgust,” no he said “I really always thought our conversations were more than sexualization”. He admitted to sexualizing a minor.

Sophie, I cannot tell you how to feel about that night Neil made you feel uncomfortable and made you feel like you were enabling cheating, but I will say that what Neil did to Jenny and I was not a miscommunication.

Frankly, I cannot speak on behalf of Jenny at this point, but in retrospect, looking back at the conversations I had with Neil where he would make me feel special, and then go off and make another girl feel special, and then go off and make another girl feel special does not make me feel special anymore. It makes me feel like I’ve been manipulated and lied to. I’m sure Neil is sorry for the way he treated Jenny and I, but sorry doesn’t mean shit when Neil has entirely negatively affected the way I form relationships with men probably forever.

And Rachel it’s okay that you unfollowed me and that you have made no attempt to sympathize with the victims. I understand that you too are very hurt by the actions of your boyfriend. But just so you know, not addressing the things Neil has said to Jenny and I only makes me believe that you are siding with an abuser. And that is not okay.